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The Program Evaluation and Research Center provides both complimentary and for-pay levels of service. Initial preliminary consultations and collaboration to develop extramural funding proposals are always free. Continuing evaluation consultation and a range of evaluation and applied research related activities are available from PERC at reasonable rates.

Preliminary Consultation

Preliminary consultation is always free and involves meeting with the director or appropriate faculty affiliates with expertise related to your organization and programs in order to clearly specify your evaluation and research needs. This preliminary consultation allows PERC to identify a range of ways our expertise can help you meet your goals. You can then determine which additional services will best serve your needs.

Extramural Funding Proposal Collaboration

Extramural funding proposal collaboration is free when offered after preliminary consultation. Such an offer will be made if the director and appropriate faculty affiliates determine your project has potential to attract external funding. PERC will collaborate with you on the funding application and will take the lead in crafting an evaluation design and writing all evaluation components of your proposal.

Continuing Consultation

Continuing consultation includes working collaboratively with a seasoned evaluation professional to identify appropriate evaluation models, identify existing measures for needs assessment, process, and product evaluation, and overall evaluation design including developing timelines to guide data collection, analysis, formative feedback loops, and summative report generation. This includes ongoing consultation and support as needed for revision to initial plan and identification of other support modules that may be beneficial. Evaluation professional will collaborate face-to-face and/or at a distance as needed to fully support development and ongoing modifications of a robust evaluation plan that meets the needs of the client.

Measurement / Instrument Development

Measurement / Instrument Development: In cases where existing needs assessments or measures of process and/or product criteria do not exist,PERCcan develop original measurement instruments. This includes initial development, review by content experts, pilot testing, and revision based on expert and pilot test data analyses.

Data Entry and Integrity Analysis

Data Entry and Integrity Analysis: For projects that require entry of quantitative and/or qualitative data from hard copy, this includes all data entry, systematic procedures and analysis to ensure data integrity, and provision of dataset to client with detailed codebook / data dictionary.

Data analyses and Report Generation

Data Analyses and Report Generation: This includes quantitative and/or qualitative data analyses, results/findings report generation with report delivered to the client in both electronic and hard copy formats, and consultation with data analyst to ensure client fully understands analyses conducted and interpretation of results/findings.

Additional Services

PERCwill often identify potential services that are individualized for a specific project and suggest these to a given client. Identifying such potential services is part of preliminary and continuing consultation, but delivering those services usually requires additional costs that cannot be estimated until the details of the service are determined. One example is collection of data in the field where the number of sites, travel distance required, type of data collected (surveys versus interviews), etc. must be determined before costs can be estimated. Another example is development of a project specific web-based data collection portal and associated relational database where cost estimates would be based on complexity of data sources and the structuring of automated reports to be generated by the system.