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Program Evaluation and Research Center

Offering the expertise to design and implement applied research and evaluation projects in a range of educational settings.

The Program Evaluation and Research Center conducts research and evaluation to inform the work of practitioners and policymakers concerning the efficacy of existing programs and the needs of specific populations for improvement of educational and social outcomes. Our expertise spans the PK-16+ educational continuum and we have the human resources and technological expertise to support evaluation across the entire lifespan of a project. This includes:

  • Evaluation to guide project conceptualization, design, and development, including pursuit of external funding opportunities,
  • Information gathering and data collection for process improvement throughout project implementation, and
  • Final product evaluation, report generation, and dissemination of data-based recommendations for improvement and scaling-up for the future.

We work to disseminate our findings nationwide in both scholarly and popular media and to translate findings into clear, immediately useful implications for policymakers and everyday citizens.

Our evaluation research efforts are of particular use to policymakers and governmental agencies who want to determine the effectiveness of policy and program interventions. In today’s evaluative climate, with forces such as No Child Left Behind, the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, and increasing accountability mandates at all levels across all educational systems, the need for expert guidance in applied research and evaluation has never been greater. Virtually all funded projects, whether funded by governmental or private agencies, now require substantial evaluation and research designs as integral components.