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Along with our faculty affiliates, PERC also employs a group of graduate student researchers who help to make it possible for the center to function. They are as follows:


Atiyah Alghamdi, Graduate Student

I am interested in investigating higher education movement toward knowledge society and educational reform endeavors. I have more than 15 years experiences in both public and higher education and I have witnessed several educational reform initiatives. Therefore, I plan to study the knowledge society movement across cultures and its impact on educational reform initiatives, which incorporates a mechanism for developing faculty members and students as knowledge workers for promoting increased innovation. Besides, I would like to explore the gender roles in knowledge society in terms of equality. This investigation will lead to support intellectual capital for females and males to transfer to Knowledge Society in higher educational institutions.


Jennifer Francis, Graduate Student

I am a second year graduate student in the Educational Research and Evaluation Master’s program. I completed my undergraduate studies at Alderson-Broaddus College where I received my degree in both Secondary Math Education and Mathematics in 2013. I recently taught Math I and Math II at a local high school, and I am currently a substitute teacher. My particular research interests are in mathematics education (including all grade levels), project/problem based learning, and the evaluation of various educational programs.


Natalya Kuznetsova, Graduate Student

I am a doctoral student specializing in curriculum, literacy and cultural studies. Having background in linguistics and foreign language pedagogy, I am interested in socio-cultural foundations of foreign language acquisition and literacy, heritage speakers’ literacy, and language and identity. I am also concerned with the efficiency of different instructional practices, designing and developing of foreign language courses and curriculum, evaluating educational programs.

David Loomis, Graduate Student

I am an doctoral student in Interdisciplinary Education and a graduate assistant for PERC. My interests are broad and include specialties within program evaluation, quantitative analyses, applied behavior analysis (ABA), behavioral consulting and teacher training for school districts, effective teaching strategies for students with special needs, community building, the modern state of ethics, and swing dancing.


Sera Mathew, Graduate Student

I am interested in women’s reproductive health curriculum development, implementation and evaluation. I have extensive experience working as a health educator and am interested in designing and evaluating programs to help improve reproductive health outcomes among marginalized and underserved communities in the US and in India. 


Taylor Mikalik, Graduate Student

I am a doctoral student in Interdisciplinary Education and a graduate assistant for PERC.  My interest tend to lean towards higher education, disability studies, and policy. All of these interests germinated due to the extensive experience I gain while working at the Center for Excellence in Disabilities